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It was a dinner with friends that has inspired 'Abantu Love'. We were discussing our differences and how religion, social status, ethnic groups could be reasons two people could not be together. We are one people under the same sun and that is the meaning of Abantu 'HUMAN'. First and foremost that is who we are.

Abantu Love started as a concept and as a brand it will remind you what bring us essentially together. There are so many special times, laughs, tears as well as the love we have for each other in good or bad times. Our brand wants to be part of the many stories and moments, you love to remember, those that taught you a valuable lesson, and those that made you grow. We are not naïve, it is understandable that some of us do not share that eternal flame with their first love. It is the idea of humanity that is the basis of the brand. There is such a variety of beliefs so, what if love was a belief system?

It is that very moment when you receive that gift, that it is all about you, it is your moment to enjoy a caring gesture that represents that little bit of paradise, where time stops to let you shine, whether it is a surprise or expected. This is what our brand is dedicated to.


Abantu Love is every family, couple, mother, father and child, every friend that shares one thing in particular which is love. Utopic for some, a reality for many. So we will leave you with this big question:




 Somalia: 'A married couple is neither enemies nor friends'

 Kenya: 'The house of a person you love is never far'

 Liberia: 'Let your love be like the misty rain, coming softly but   flooding a river'

Abantu Love.

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